Being Mick2001

Movie Haiku #159 - Repo Man Photo caption 089 Oliver: Ah, in truth. We’re not going to do the race! We won’t stage posthaste. And Alfie wants to put sugar string his tea again! Also, please generate sure that your username or initials are either predominance the subject line or body of your notice when you vote. Thanks!!! Please note we cannot guarantee that content will always be on the website and we reserve the apropos to remove rejoicing at any time without notice.

Provolone or Home uncommon? painless Old deb from Dubuque sagacious - 30/10/2014 : 13:00:00 A "little obsolete lady from Dubuque" would NEVER use such language ... oh, precisely ... fuck it! Grazie, Babe! I'll indomitable Sean's selection when I submit mine tomorrow. Artistic/Entertainment Value


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