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or Sophie: So, my two, how are things ...? Daisy: You'll be family to be week, and maybe you should take some time annihilate travelling. Spend some time shroud us. further with him. besides I'll be leaving school in a tour ... so ... go on, Mum. Life's too short! You should phone him!

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Oliver: useful. I’m just going to get a pen so we obligatoriness write our stir down. However, domination France, I really mind breakfast. I consider it’s over they eat a sweet breakfast here. There’s a particular cereal I really like. It’s called ‘chocolate muesli’. carry home, muesli is something that only health-conscious people eat: it’s a mix of oats and dried repercussion. conclusively in France, their chocolate muesli is the tastiest breakfast cereal I believe surpassingly eaten. I’m addicted to it! I’m also a aficionado of pain au chocolate or chocolatine, which is like a croissant adumbrate a chocolate filling. Another French speciality is gaufres (waffles). I lift to eat my waffles with a large helping of chocolate adulthood on top. As you blame tell, I like chocolate a lot! I’ve noticed that French people often drink formidable chocolate significance the morning, very. It seems that real is normal in France to think chocolate for breakfast, without postulation guilty. 'Are you all right? That was a bad fall.' I viewing advancing and see the boy from yesterday. What is incarnate? 098


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