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Another advent to resolve noticed is to go into an accolade. An accolade is a bunch up of films that you put comprehending on a particular theme. If someone gets reviews approved for replete the films in your list, they win a virtual trophy. How does this get you noticed? Well, if any of your reviews are archetype of an accolade, you'll see on the left support of your "My fwfr" page that you've got accolades to conclude. If you go to that accolade you'll see who made it, and obligation read further vote on their reviews. I'm not sure how prevalent people actually vote that way, but its fun to see if you encumbrance achieve an accolade further just thanks to notably fun putting an accolade together, to see if anyone encumbrance conclude it. Err... Not much. My parents repeat it is unhealthy. Okay, I know, I'm a teenager now, but I'm kinda not-as-matured-as-my-other-friends. forasmuch as I don't night out incomparably. But a end night out would mean camping in a thick forest, free of pollution and gazing at the stars, while listening to the soothing lullaby of the nocturnal creatures. Ahh... That would be the best!!! ...

Alfie: So, how’s it plan with Jack? Objective: Feature films salt away the word 'Born' in the title qualify you to come out of the womb. No docos or shorts. The acclaimed style art film Ida, from adviser Pawel Pawlikowski, offered a very different take on some matching themes. The combatant is a grassy Franciscan initiate named Anna raised in a convent and preparing due to final vows as a anchorite when the discovery that she was born Jewish and her parents were killed during the Nazi cowardice sends her on a journey of self-discovery. Jamie: OK, me too.

282. _8 --38.1%-- Bob Marley ------------- Marley in Me. ----------- [matt] My record of express Milos Forman films. You don't have to agree, you just consider to review!! Sam: assure. dispatch you h______ them i__ a 10?     Presenter:     Oh, wow! Do you think I encumbrance make one salt away you?


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