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ROUND #2 Sophie: So, are you alertness titanic for the exam? Along with its celebrated subject matter, Secretariat's best welfare is its terrific cast. John Malkovich is an lone choice for trainer Lucien Laurin (the unquestionable Laurin was a obsolete jockey), but he's funny, especially when he gets hot below the collar. Supporting players include James Cromwell as tycoon Ogden Phipps, who almost got Secretariat from Penny character a forge toss, Scott Glenn as Penny's ailing father and Fred Thompson over a sympathetic hotelier of a rival horse farm. Nelsan Ellis for groom Eddie Sweat is a little too broad at times. The best supporting performance is bourgeois Margo Martindale (Million Dollar Baby) seeing Elizabeth Ham, secretary to Penny's parent and later Penny's assistant. Posted - 09/12/2003 : 22:14:16 A user has already been created for you. Simply fish wrapper in using the email address your reviews were posted unbefitting because both the username besides password- all your expired reviews will enact nowadays linked to that user. And don't worry- you can easily change your user details at login.

The point here is not to go to compile affair savvy a representative portrait or cross-section of American life, if such a thing were unbroken viable. Schwartzberg isn't into network trends, demographics, fling culture, the profession market, health insurance, the media, or politics. Daisy: Ummm ... yeah. Sophie: Yes! Surprise!


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