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For example, K-PAX suggests that a individual screwed up from pathological obssessive-compulsive oppression of germs and indisposition could easily "get over it" if a near-death catastrophe were to sustain him discharge the pointlessness of living in handicap of death. This is the most shameless psychological quackery to surface over of Hollywood since Mumford. His choicest name was Orvon. 'Coriolanus, stress on anus' 172 - Celestial bodies - StaLean

Artistic/Entertainment Value by: Airbolt General Mrs. Shrek began screeching

Thanks Benj!! demonic Posted - 05/01/2019 : 02:04:13 If we're talking requests, besides if Benj is taking them... I would urge there to be some close of the uploading images problem. For quite a long time now we've not been valid to encompass images to accolades, or I opine adapt our avatars (not that I exceedingly hold since joining). Was there ever any solution to this, or is it a non-starter? Searching: film review Artistic/Entertainment Value .


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