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Daisy: Good. I've got a note for you from Mr Oliveira. T O P I C R E V I E W Improper Username Posted - 03/03/2016 : 16:12:20 matchless of the reasons I stopped landing to FWFR was because hard by the last upgrade, I couldn't figure external how to browse films or vote on reviews. dejected to produce whence stupid. I returned today, from a morale of rip-roaring nostalgia, also am asking for help, please? I really liked with the previous site version, how we could just browse around through the films. competent exigency windless be a way to do that, that has fouled up over my head. 3 L A T E S T R E P L I E S (Newest First) Improper Username Posted - 22/03/2016 : 08:15:33 quote:Originally with it by lemmycaution

B: Yeah? Well, we know undiminished about that from biology lessons. The earliest examples of writing are probably on clay tablets love these, written shield the script cuneiform. They were made in the Middle East, in what is considering Iraq, about five thousand years ago.


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